All You Need To Know About Nipple Shields

Are you looking for the best nipple shields for breastfeeding? Well, then there is a shortcut to it, the person can take help of the reviews in order to get the best nipple shield for them and even there are a lot of guardians doing so. For general information, I would, like to tell people that these are basically the aid, worn at the time of feeding the baby.

Reason to make use of the nipple shield

There are basically three situations in which the use of shields is recommended by the doctor. They are –

  • If the baby is ill or born premature, the capability of their latching is diminished and they are not able to feed themselves properly. In such situations nipple, shield plays the role of helping hand for the baby.
  • If the nipple of the mother is flat, the baby hustles a lot in order to get feed. Here the shield comes in actions and serves a great grip to the child in order to latch properly.
  • If the baby is fed with the bottle for little long time, then they refuse breastfeeding. Well, getting the baby back to the latching process these shields help a lot.

Cleanse shield after every use

The experts have to say that similar to the other food equipment of the baby, this nipple shield should also be cleaned properly after every use in order to keep the baby away from the germs and live a healthy life. The guardian can use the bottle sterilizer and dryer device in order to clean the nipple shield properly. If do not afford it then can go for the option of cleansing the nipple in hot soapy water and rinsing it with boiling water.


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