Know more about the types of katana

Having a katana is not a normal thing. There are very low numbers of people who have the required knowledge about katana and have them as well. Are you thinking of buying one? If yes then it is really important to have all the knowledge about the katana to get the right and the best of all of them.

Katana is a type of sword which is sharp and also looks good. Along with this most of the time they are used by Japanese. If you are thinking of buying a real katana for sale then before doing this make sure you have the required knowledge to have the right katana.

Types of katana

Most of the people are unaware of the fact there are mainly three types of katana a person can find. We are going to talk about them in detail in this article. Here, let us tell you something about these types.

  • Practical katana

When the user is stuck in the situation of choosing the katana, these types are only used to increase his stress. The first type of katana is practical katana. These katana are used by the professionals and classically trained people in martial arts. Their katana are of about 29inch in size. On the other hand, the handle attached to them is of about 12inches. The handle may be of gold-wrapped or leather ones as you want.

  • De Luxe katana

The second type of katana is de luxe katana. These katana are made a lot stronger than the other katana. Along with this, these katana have hard edges and also are shock resistant. These katana are used for display and practical purposes.

  • Decorative katana

The last but not the least type of katana is the decorative katana. These katana are mainly used as a decoration in homes. If you have seen a Japanese house, then you will see that they have these katana hung on the wall.

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