Playing Around With An Elf Name Generator Can Be Fun

There’s a lot of ways to have fun and kill time while wondering around online. You can scroll down your Facebook feed and right-click all the click bait friends and family are posting that day, until you have a dozen tabs full of interesting yet useless things to read. Or you just always head over to YouTube and look up cat videos. Yet, if you’re looking for something different and fun, why not spend some time playing with an elf name generator?

If you’re at all into things like Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones, then an elf name generator can be a fun diversion from your day, if only for a few minutes. It provides you a little escapism, as you wonder what your moniker would be in another life, indeed another realm of reality entirely.

Should you have a group of friends into something like Dungeons and Dragons, then using an elf name generator might actually have a practical purpose, as it helps you name individual players or characters in your journey or campaign.

If you’re a writer of fantasy or similar genres, then you always need help coming up with character names for the worlds you build and the stories that you write.

Also, if you’re a boss or a manager of a business or a department or division within a larger company, then using such a tool might be a way to have some fun with your staff, as everyone can come up with a fictitious name to use in team-building exercises and social activities. It can be just the kind of lark that brings a little levity and joy to an otherwise dreary workweek that would be like all the others if you didn’t brink a spark of fun.

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