1440p Monitors Specifications


Technology is evolving every day and we have better options in every field. If you want to buy a new electronic device, you need to consider the specifications first. Same is true for the 1440p monitors. 1440p are not the very sophisticated monitors, but they are the popular choice for majority of the people. What are the reasons, which make it a popular choice? Let’s try to find out.

When we talk about the 1440p monitors specifications, it’s important to understand the little math first. When we say 1440p, it is actually 2560 x 1440 p and the resultant outcome is the 3,686,400 million pixels, which is huge. As compared to 1080p, if has millions of more pixels and that is the reason, the quality of 1440p monitors is much better as compared to the older versions. The quality is 78% better than the 1080p, but the difference in price is not much. This is the reason, 1440p monitor is popular among the users.

Usually 1440p monitors are preferred by the people who love to play games. But, better pixel means better picture quality. If you like to watch movies and do online streaming, you will be able to see crisp images.

1440p monitors are compatible with most of the old systems too. High end monitors need new systems to run, as they are not compatible with new ones. It helps people to save their money, which they have to spend on the upgradation of their systems. That is another reason behind the popularity of the monitors.

These are just the few factors, which are responsible for the success of 1440p monitors. If you are looking for a new monitor, this should be your first choice. Many leading manufactures are making them for their customers, offering different speciation’s. Decide your budget and get a good monitor of your choice.